What are the operating standards of silicone products in the printing process?

silicone products 

  silicone products  Silicone gel products have the characteristics of colorless, tasteless and insensitive. It has open porous structure and can adsorb a lot of substances. It is a good desiccant, adsorbent and catalyst carrier. Moreover, this product has good softness and can meet the needs of different users. Do you know what the operation standard of silicone products in printing is?

The operating standards of silicone products in the printing process:

  1. The first inspection process:

When the first inspection table is presented, the printing technician should fill in the printing list of the first inspection notice and a whole model product to be sent to the IPQC of silica gel product to be tested.

IPQC in the printing process of silicone products should be checked and judged according to the inspection items in the first inspection table, and the NG is decided to notify the printing to be improved, and the first one should be re made after the printing is improved; and OK is decided to take 1 of the products together with the first inspection sheet on the corresponding printing worktable. Relevant personnel should fill in the First Inspection Notice Record Form carefully. If there is any alteration, they should sign at the alteration office.

  1. Process sampling:

The IPQC of the silicone product printing process should be first connected with the shift staff to confirm the quality and abnormal improvement of the products produced in the previous class. Check whether there are standard cards and engineering samples hanging on each working platform. According to the 1 /2 hour sampling frequency of 1 times for the printing link of silica gel products, the appearance of a whole mold for the products produced by the various working machines is taken for inspection. The inspection item is carried out according to the “printed QC work standard card”, and the results are recorded in the “printing process control record table”. Find out the problem in time and notify the operator to improve it.

Before printing products are transferred to the next process, printing IPQC requires sampling the appearance of each production process leaflet (press AQL=0). 65 sampling). Only when sampling is qualified can it be transferred to the next process for production. If the sampling is unqualified, the printing technician will be informed of it in time. The sampling results are recorded in the production process leaflet.