LSR CUP full Name Liquid Silicone Rubber Cup.

In May, 2017, we want to develop a slicone cup look like Glass cup,

Name Transmittance Grade Material Certification
Nipple 80% Medical LSR LFGB,FDA
LSR Cup 95% Medical LSR LFGB,FDA
Glass Cup 91% Normal Borosilicate Glass LFGB,FDA



we used Baby bottle nipple material to made it at first. but Baby bottle nipple material  transmittance is 80%, glass cup transmittance is 91.%-93%, the first sample no good. it’s too soft,

( first sample)

Our engineers have revised the design and materials of the LSR cup. We used Medical Grade optics Liquid Silicone Rubber material, So LSR cup transmittance is 95%, and the material: 100% Safe, Certification: LFGB,FDA

( The last sample)