Liquid Silicone Rubber

Liquid Silicone Rubber

What Is Liquid Silicone Rubber?

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is classified as an elastomer, which means it possesses exceptional elasticity (ability to resume its normal shape after stretching). Key LSR attributes include hardness, tensile strength (resistance to break under tension) and compression set. Other LSR characteristics include excellent bacteria resistance and hydrophobicity, meaning that it acts as a water repellent. The two liquid silicone rubber types include food grade and medical grade.

What Is Food Grade LSR?

Food grade liquid silicone rubber is well-suited for consumer products manufacturing applications. Highly versatile and possessing the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, food grade LSR is an excellent choice for everything from kitchen products such as plastic grips for utensils and cooking tools, ice cube trays and baking molds. Additionally, food grade LSR works well with any industrial equipment that comes in contact with or is exposed to food due to its easy sterilization and compression set.

About Medical Grade LSR

Medical grade LSR is a preferred choice of companies in the life sciences-related industries, especially medical device manufacturing. Medical grade LSR enables manufacturers to meet the challenges involved in producing complex, technologically-advanced devices, while improving the quality, lowering the cost and enhancing the durability of the finished product. Devices made from medical grade LSR can withstand the heat, pressure and exposure to harsh chemicals found in many health care environments, while still allowing manufacturers to meet their revenue and profitability objectives.