silicone products factory for The “big six” advantage of the PF .

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1, quality, Quality for survival, quality for development, quality for efficiency. Product four quality control, from raw material warehousing inspection process inspection, finished product inspection, shipment inspection, strict quality control standards! 2, equipment, In the introduction of advanced equipment, we also continue to absorb and absorb! We have 4 CNC machines, we have fine carving, radium carving machine, professional development of UV transfer moulds, silicon plastic mould and so on. 3, history, Industrial history is long, industrial foundation is abundant! The industry foundation is solid, the construction factory has a long history, engaged in the silica gel product 15 years, is a professional silica gel product design, the production sale is a body strength company! 4, fast Saving time for customers is an important basis for our cooperation! 3 hours quick quotation, for custom user with quotation engineer, 4 days delivery, 8 days shipment! With the fastest speed to provide you with the best service! 5, team Have a professional team, accumulated rich experience. With more than 10 years of experience in design 5, 6 years of quality inspector 15, more than 5 years of sales staff .Always pay attention to your feedback and solve your problem effectively! 6. One-to-one service. One-to-one service, I hope we can make you feel satisfied! One-to-one service provides customers with the most convenient, convenient and direct customized services.